Opportunities in the insurance profession for apprentices


We have worked hard to make this site accessible to a broad audience and to ensure a better experience for all users. However, we welcome any comments or feedback you have for us, please feel free to contact us.

Design update

We have developed a new design and architecture for the CII website, taking care to ensure improved accessibility. This design has now been applied to the majority of pages, however some still remain in the old style such as CII Checkout / Learning Statement request / CPD Event calendar / Chartered Title for firms application and these will not yet have the same level of accessibility or some of the features listed below. You will notice that these pages and functions will retain the old site design, top and tailed with the new look header and footer.

Steps we have taken to improve access include:

  • text alternatives for any non-text content
  • compatibility with a range of common browsers
  • consistent navigation.

Using the keyboard to navigate the site

The site has been designed to be accessible to both keyboard and pointing devices. We have not included keyboard shortcuts because of potential conflicts with keyboard shortcuts used in other programmes or software (e.g. screen readers).


Javascript has been used to enhance aspects of the site. Where this is the case, we have endeavoured to use it in an accessible way. We also offer a no-script alternative to access this enhanced function or content. Where accessibility issues arise, we will endeavour to fix the problem. We cannot guarantee the accessibility of content referenced by an external link.

Maintenance and sustainability

As part of our ongoing maintenance of the accessibility of this site, we try to ensure that:

  • any new content added by us will be reviewed for accessibility; we will periodically conduct an accessibility audit of content
  • unless otherwise requested, only minimal effort will be taken to ensure that 'archived' legacy content complies with the guidelines.

Text resizing

The modern browsers we support (Firefox 3.6 and later, Internet Explorer 6 and later, Chrome (latest version) and Safari 4.x and later) feature in-built accessibility tools, including zoom and text-resizing.

You can change the text size or adjust the page zoom in your browser by following these instructions:

  • PC / Internet Explorer - From the menu bar underneath the search field, select Page or View and point to Text size
  • PC / Firefox/Chrome - Increase page zoom: Hold down the CTRL key and press +, Decrease page zoom: Hold down the CTRL key and press -
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